Build Artifacts for buildds

The autopkg tests have the ability to collect some information in artifacts, collected in a tarball. That kind of feature could be useful for builds as well, both for failing and succeeding builds.

Currently there is the build log as the only artifact for builds, and people are trying to dump there everything which might be useful information:

The other way to collect information is to include it in the binary packages, or to create a new binary package. This is usually done, when the needed information is too large, or unfit for dumping it in the build log.

However, these files are usually not created in a reproducible way. Having another storage location for this kind of information would make the source packages reproducible.

Artifacts to store

Artifacts should be stored for both successful and for failing builds.

Triggers for artifacts

The trigger what to include in these artifacts is sometime the package itself (test logs), sometimes another package used for the build (e.g. GCC, OpenJDK), or even specific to the build (maybe only for the test rebuild).

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