Around 100 RC bugs is 100 RC bugs that should go away NOW.

So the idea is:

Detailed list of bugs




  1. ?JossMouette

    • 478717 ruby1.9: FTBFS on hppa: make[1]: *** [all] Segmentation fault hppa kernel not suitable for release

    • 422800 evolution: Sometimes fails when dragging and dropping a message from one folder to another NMU to unstable

  2. RaphaelHertzog

    • 501306 update-grub fails silently with wrong device.map patch submitted, upload pending

    • 500336 grub - Misguides Xen images discussion restarted

  3. JulienDanjou

    • 468793 tokyocabinet - FTBFS: pthread_mutex_lock.c:71: pthread_mutex_lock: Assertion `mutex->data.owner == 0' failed blocked by 479952

  4. DominicHargreaves

    • 501427 make -C prepare resets utsrelease.h if it contains a custom version string fixed by maintainer

  5. YvesAlexisPerez

    • 486400 splashy doesn't work with hibernation done, no longer reproducible on sid.

    • 501997 splashy: FTBFS when DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS is set to noopt,nostrip. done, NMU to unstable

    • 448470 Portmap does not start if a random user has a process named portmap patch sent, maintainer upload to unstable

  6. TimRetout

    • 393837 epiphany-extensions: Unable to edit or delete certificates fixed by maintainer

  7. StefanoZacchiroli

    • 501423 gossip: FTBFS in lenny: Unsatisfiable build-dependency unstable version migrated to lenny

    • 434647 kaffe: Kaffe makes itself the default on upgrade done, NMU to unstable

  8. BenHutchings

    • 452377 A package marked for reinstall, if conflicting, is removed *without warning* downgraded, unreproducible

  9. FranklinPiat

    • 497041 Full disk results in corrupted /var/lib/dpkg/updates/ filled filled with "#padding" entries

  10. ChristophBerg

    • 470882 gpm freezes and makes other applications freeze/segfault

  11. David Moreno

    • 498243 xine-lib: multiple heap overflows

  12. Riku Voipio

    • 501301 libaudio-flac-decoder-perl: source package contains proprietary flac file? fix uploaded (to unstable)

  13. Y Giridhar Appaji Nag

    • 494058 epiphany-browser: Download window is broken fixed by maintainer

  14. ?MoritzMuehlenhoff

    • 486334 segfault in iceweasel 3.0~rc2-1 bug has been identified, upload pending

  15. ?Ghe Rivero

    • 434040 libdebian-installer: type declaration conflict Fixed by maintainer

  16. ClintAdams

    • 496269 fix uploaded, not confirmed gvfs-fuse: reports ENOTCONN after heavy use

  17. SeanFinney

    • 497789 closed by ChristophBerg

    • 501574 warsow: crashes at startup (warsow_bin: shader/slang/slang_emit.c:978 ...) downgraded

    • 267040 gcjwebplugin: remote code execution hole due to lack of Java security manager NMU pending

  18. LucasNussbaum

    • 496954 was already merged with Emmanuel Bouthenot's 501800 . Prepared NMU, contacted the release team about what to do. waiting for RT feedback

  19. ThijsKinkhorst

    • 482140 docbook-xml: Package does not install: update-xmlcatalog: error: entity already registered closed by MU

    • 496418 The possibility of attack with the help of symlinks in some Debian packages fix backported to t-p-u

  20. CharlesPlessy

    • 492488 iceweasel: crashes on startup (x64). I booked one afternoon this weekend for cookie-baking. But good news: Mike Homey probably found the bug. I let the jury decide if my gesticulations were helpful for him :)

  21. JoostDamad

    • 449497 foo2zjs: application depends on non-free firmware downgraded, upgraded again by submitter, might need an edge-ignore, escalated to the CTTE due to unresolvable conflict of interpretation between submitter and maintainers, downgraded again

  22. JeremiahFoster

    • 500540 kdebase: automounting vfat (partialy) case sensitive due to utf8 is plain wrong and dangerous (Good thing I know how to make cookies!) I am going to work on this a bit, but I think I may fail miserably. :)

  23. GaudenzSteinlin

    • 488669 kernel changes break X on sparc64/pci patch provided, testing in progress

  24. ?NicolasValcarcel

    • 490893 Debian unstable: umountroot does not unmount root

  25. ?SteveLangasek

    • 500482 Segmentation fault in grub-probe downgraded, unreproducible

  26. PaulWise

    • 479607 lilo fails to boot 2.6.25 kernel image due to wrongly passing initramfs patch submitted

  27. Bruno Beaufils (debian user)

    • 267040 remote code execution hole due to lack of Java security manager NMU fix pending by seanius (I did not do anything. NMU fix was already pending when I first access the bug page last monday -- Bruno)

  28. ?EmmanuelBouthenot

    • 501800 bind9: bind crashes with a list for allow-update patch submitted

  29. ?KeesCook

    • 501903 Problems with cups web interface not working downgraded, unreproducible+moreinfo