This is not a formal budget or a specific request for the DPL to approve funding. It is for brainstorming and keeping a central record of ideas about how Debian can spend money from existing assets and future Fundraising, especially for things that are not already covered by existing guidelines.

Note: this page does not cover investment decisions such as holding cryptocurrency, real estate, shares or anything else for Debian's long-term holdings. That can be discussed on another page which doesn't exist yet.

Core budgeting principles

Additional budgeting considerations




Discussion links, examples


Existing practice?

Travel grants for volunteers at ?MiniDebConfs, especially when it is a first time event

Travel grant for each MiniDebConf to invite a non-technical speaker or expert on leadership, community organization or related topics

Travel grant for each MiniDebConf to invite a user who can give an interesting talk/testimonial about something they did with Debian

Travel grants for DDs to speak about Debian or operate booths at non-Debian events

Travel grants for developers (incl. upstream) to give talks at ?MiniDebConfs

Award or scholarship for technical work, awarded annually when funds permit. Example: an award for an outstanding undergraduate student in honor of the late Ian Murdock

Good for publicity

Annual (when funds permit) award or prize for something non-technical, like essay writing, public speaking or creative works relating to Debian or free software

Good for publicity

Purchasing audio/video equipment for recording events

Bulk printing of business cards for Debian Developers

Donations to crowdfunding projects

Insurance of risks that DPL, delegates and developers may encounter undertaking their duties

Membership of other organizations

Third-party accountancy

Third-party event organisation (e.g. travel arrangements, venue, etc., for sprints, and possibly more)

Welcome packs for new DDs

Welcome packs for GSoC students

Upstream development tasks that are essential to Debian infrastructure/operations

Outreachy participants doing non-development tasks

Specialist training and events (e.g. travel grant for publicity team to attend some non-technical event relating to their work)