Brandon Holtsclaw

Will fill this in more later as I have time to prepare proper answers, for now you can see my personal profile at and my Ubuntu ( and minor Debian ) contributions on

<!-- #If you're not DD, you may indicate if you're in the Debian NM process. You can add any personal info that you may want (link to blog or home page for example). Don't forget to replace "Your #name" with your name ... :-) # #If you don't want to publicly advertise that you're employed by Canonical you can remove the corresponding line # #=== What were you doing in Debian before joining Ubuntu ? === # #You should know what you have to put here... it may be maintaining your packages (list them?), working inside special teams (installer, ftpmaster, QA, debbugs, ...), etc. # #=== Why did you join Ubuntu and what are you doing for Ubuntu ? === # #Give your motivations to join Ubuntu. For transparency reasons, I'd appreciate if you could say whether or not you have worked for Canonical in the past. # #Give the list of the various areas that you're responsible for, or that you've touched. Feel free to give some links for people who want to learn more about your work. # #=== What are you doing nowadays in Debian ? === # #Please try to backup your claims, with some links to mailing list and/or bug logs. No need to be exhaustive, but some proofs are always good to convince people who are skeptic. # #=== Can you explain the change (if any) ? === # #This question is an important one. You answer should implicitely respond to the following questions: # * Do you believe that your "enrolment" in Ubuntu has been detrimental to Debian ? # * Why did you reduce/expand/keep your involvment in Debian ? # #=== What do you think of the Debian-Ubuntu collaboration ? === # #Explain why (in your opinion) we've reached the current situation. Don't hesitate to list the real problems (on both sides). You can give some examples of things that worked well, and of #things that didn't work. # #=== What do you wish for the future ? === # #The question is quite generic, so reply in general. But if you can, please include a paragraph about what you will do (or continue to do) to enhance the situation between Debian and #Ubuntu. # #=== Do you want to add something ? === # #Add here whatever you wanted to add about Debian/Ubuntu in general # -->