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 * XMPP address: <<MailTo(tehnick-8 AT SPAMFREE ya DOT ru)>>  * XMPP address: <<MailTo(tehnick-8 AT SPAMFREE jabber DOT ru)>>

Boris Pek

FOSS developer, Debian Developer

  • Email: <tehnick AT SPAMFREE debian DOT org> (main), <tehnick-8 AT SPAMFREE mail DOT ru> (reserve)

  • XMPP address: <tehnick-8 AT SPAMFREE jabber DOT ru>

  • Some accounts: LinkedIn, Github, OpenHub, Transifex

Debian member information

Launchpad activities


  • IM (XMPP) and VoIP (SIP, Jingle) clients software
  • File sharing (mostly p2p protocols like Direct Connect and BitTorrent)

  • Software for Numerical Simulations
  • Cross-platform software
  • QA work