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RIM (Research In Motion) BlackBerry support in Debian GNU/Linux.

This page is still an early draft.


Tools and programs useful to BlackBerry users in Debian.

Access the phone and memory card data

Just plug the phone into the USB port to access music, videos, documents... as a USB key.

Using BlackBerry with Barry

1. Install packages

In Debian Sid

You need the lenny package libopensync0 (no sid version). Install it with Gdebi or dpkg.

Then install the following packages :

aptitude install barry-util barrybackup-gui opensync-plugin-barry

This will add libbarry0 and libglademm-2.

2. Backup and restore data with barrybackup

Plug your BlackBerry into the USB port. There is no barry entry in the Gnome menu system. Run the command barrybackup.

3. Syncing contacts with Evolution

You need msynctool, only experimental version of the package at this date (06/11/2010). But we can't install it, dependency libopensync1exp6 (>= 0.38) unavailable.

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