Packaging of BioJava

BioJava is a long established initiative to get new algorithms for Bioinformatics developed with Java. Some regard it as less of a workhorse for the typical Bioinformatician than ?BioPerl, but for many applications it is just far better suited. And it has become key to many bioinformatics suites.


BioJava comes with many subpackages, which are all directly accessible on their subversion tree, see

The following subpackages are available, comments are welcome for the priorisation of the Debianisation process.

The current effort to bring BioJava to Debian is focused on BioJava-Live and the libraries it needs.


License-wise everything should now be in order.

A dependency on a newer-than-in-main libjgrapht fixes biojava to the contrib section.

Libraries already in Debian

Libraries currently being packaged


Whoever finds time to help out with packaging components of BioJava for Debian please go ahead. Also, this page needs some improvements, still - go ahead!

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