I am a DebianDeveloper whose principal work with Debian is leading the DebianJr project. I am also known as SynrG.

DebianDeveloper:synrg is my developer database record.


Ben: If you'd like shell access to do a mass cleanup of the Jr stuff that didn't work so well post-transition, just let me know. Or, I can send you the files, let you clean them locally, and then send them back. ivey@debian.org --MichaelIvey

MichaelIvey, 2002/07/11 14:03 UTC (via web): Ben...I really like what you've down with the DebianJr stuff. The Jr wikinames are great, and I'm looking forward to seeing how the pages grow organically depending on the type of package.

Ben: I just installed Debian Jr. for my grankids ages 5 and 8. I would like to help the project, but am not a programer. I was a Unix Sysadmin before retiring in 2002. Let me know what I can help with. Thanks for all your work Rex guinn@lucky-isp.com