STATUS: Initial brainstorming on the topic of starting a Debian/Linux like distribution for ?BeOS (Debian/?BeOS or ?BeBian :), or CDD (Custom Debian Distribution) of Debian/Linux with OSBOS (Open Source Be Operating Systems) developments and customisations

dea.BeBian = Debian for BeOS

In the past 2 years ?exBeOS userbase and developer community has dropted drasticly after the initial promisses for it's resurrection. ?YellowTAB currently only commercial distributor of ?BeOS codebase, is constantly delaying delivery of sucessor (packaged their own distribution named Zeta) of ?BeOS 5.03 - last official commercial release by Be Inc. before thay went down and later bought by Palm. Simoultaneouslly several efforts were taken on by developers to re-live ?BeOS-like system in non-commercial forms:




Aside from these efforts there was a brief attempt of establishing ?BeOS low-compatibility but high aspirations sytem called Siquel, that was abandond after a few months, as well as much more sucessfull ?SkyOS which is rapidly growing commercial operating system that bares some resamblance to ?BeOS and usess a lot of code from free implementation of Be File System - ?OpenBFS.


In respect to these recent (lack of) developments and market position it would be interesting to bring these individual projects into some kind of reusable and modular system (highly possible consindering high modularity of ?BeOS).

Considering development already done by Robin Bandy with ?[ReOS] and recent interest of ?BeClan for re-initiating interest for doing a packager and Installer tool.

With the hope that development will take of faster as: