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Native architecture is broken

according to helmut: (20:19:02) helmut: broucaries: the multiarch spec defines the native architecture as the architecture of the package named dpkg (20:19:02) helmut: broucaries: how many people know this definition while talking about multiarch? (20:20:22) helmut: broucaries: next, it defines the architecture (in terms of dependency satisfaction) of arch:all packages as being treated native architecture. how many people understand that? (20:21:07) helmut: broucaries: next, when cross grading dpkg, all of your arch:all packages magically switch their architecture. this makes no sense and makes cross grading dpkg next to impossible. some people reported success, but it certainly isn't a reliably surgery (20:21:46) ***nthykier .oO( what architecture is the native architecture, if dpkg was ever converted into a M-A: same pkgs? </trolling> ) (20:28:21) helmut: nthykier: I think we should try. maybe that gets us rid of native archs (20:32:48) jcristau: how many people do cross grades as something other than a dare? (20:34:06) jcristau: (i agree that definition seems wrong, just seems like a theoretical issue?) (20:34:46) helmut: 0 obviously, as it is know to not work in a useful way