The Bald Nerd

Creator of NEMS Linux:

Creator of Debian Build Base for Single Board Computers:

Real Name: Robbie Ferguson

Location: Ontario, Canada

Email: <>


Brief Bio: Robbie is a published tech author and the long-standing host of Category5 Technology TV. As an avid single board computer platform developer and teacher, he is well-known in tech circles worldwide. His most notable release is NEMS Linux which brings a Debian-based enhanced Nagios experience to many SBC platforms including the Raspberry Pi lineup, PINE64, and ODROID devices. His success with NEMS has lead him to also provision Debian SBC Base Images for the platforms he develops on. These base images bring a current version of Debian to SBC developers who wish to build their products on Debian Linux. Robbie is a firm lover of Debian, often promoting Debian or other DEB-based distros on his weekly tech broadcast, which is seen around the world on set-top boxes, online platforms and cable TV in select areas.