This page is about a specific proposal for automated backups in the future.

For general backup and restore procedures, see BackupAndRecovery.

Proposal for automated Backups

The goal is to provide an easy to use backup and restore solution by default for Servers and Desktops.

Minimal Configuration needed by the user - unless the user wants to change to "expert-mode". Also it should provide easy restore procedure.

Discussion notes

Discussion notes from the Bof of the DebConf 2015 talk "A Vision of Backups in Debian" by Lars Wirzenius [1],[2]

More ideas from Lars missing from the above

The story from Lars is really interesting, and also brought up features that are not detailed above, namely:

Also keep in mind that there are a *lot* of backup tools in Debian (see BackupAndRecovery) and it would be difficult if not fallacious to try to impose one solution among the many. The best would be for the GUI described above to be a wrapper around existing backup solutions, which could have a default but would allow the user to choose which tool they want based on certain criterias (symetric/asymetric encryption, speed, project maturity, etc).

In other words, maybe what we need here is yet *another* backup software that would only be a wrapper and GUI for the regular user. A bit like what backupninja is doing, but with a GUI and extensible (maybe written in Python instead of bash, for example).


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