No public key

"Backports is now an official service residing at Previously, when the service was hosted at, users were required to install the debian-backports-keyring package in order to verify the integrity of downloaded backports before installation. This is no longer necessary.

However, APT may warn with the following message after updating package lists:

'W: There is no public key available for the following key IDs: EA8E8B2116BA136C'

This is due to Debian Backports release files currently being double-signed (official ftpmaster key and old key). The warning is an APT bug and can be safely ignored."

I just did a fresh install of Debian stable and this warning did not occur when using Backports. Does that mean the bug has been fixed and the section can be deleted? --openrebel

Which backport to use?

This is my understanding, not sure whether or not it is correct, but here goes:

"If you are running lenny (current stable release), then you need to use lenny-backports repository for backports."

It wasn't clear to me if you should look for squeeze-backports ....