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Bug Squashing Parties

This page is intended to be used to coordinate the work at Bug Squashing Parties (BSP).

A Bug Squashing Party is a come-together (either virtual or reallife) of Debian Developers and Debian enthusiasts on a specified timeframe where these persons try to fix as many bugs as possible.

To add a new BSP page, please enter a string like "2011/01/de/Berlin" (year, month, country code, city) into the box below.

Please use the debian-events-*@lists.debian.org mailing list to coordinate BSPs.

If you have never held a BSP before, you might want to look at the how to host a BSP.

If you have never fixed a bug, never been at a bug squashing party, you might want to have a look at BSP/BeginnersHOWTO.

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Useful links:

What you can do

Upload targets

While fixing a package, please take also a look at non-RC/non-important bugs of that package that could be fixed by the same NMU, especially for l10n bugs (or adding amd64).

Possible targets of NMUs and/or patches

These are both packages that need someone to prepare a patch for a non-trivial RC bug or packages that just need a NMU for an existing patch. Please discuss !NMUs in #debian-bugs before actually uploading.

Help/Review requested

For the following packages either help with fixing bug or with testing the package was requested:

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