Hosting A Debian Bug Squashing Party (BSP)

Some things to have in mind when hosting a BSP. Most of them apply to all kinds of hackfest, or even (small) event organization in general.

The three most important things

General advice

About a venue

Find a venue at least three months in advance. Things to check when looking for a venue.

Network connectivity

Finding a date

BSPs usually run from Friday afternoon or Saturday morning until Sunday afternoon.

Carefully check for dates to avoid:


Announce the event least two months in advance:

Detailed planning

Some ideas what else to do:

Create a schedule, and be flexible if things go a different way.

Equipping the venue

Equip the venue one week in advance. Things you might need:

Setting up the place

Special needs

Take the following points into account. Communicate if there are problems.

Final remarks

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