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A crash space or two are available, but otherwise there are plenty of hostels around.

Food and drinks

The venue has a drinks bar with coffee, tea, rooibos, Club-Mate, Kofola, beer and other drinks available. There’s also a bunch of cafés and pubs around.

Venue is a café/coworking space/maker space in the centre of Bratislava in the old market hall.

The Old Market building Inside Inside

Network and Wifi

The venue has fast Wi-Fi available.


The venue located at the boundary of the Old Town, so while it is easily accessible by foot or public transport, it is a bit complicated to reach by car.

If you’re not from Bratislava, you will likely be arriving by train (to the main station, Bratislava or bus/coach (to the bus station). From the train station, take tram number 1 to the stop Námestie SNP; the tram will stop in from of the market hall. If arriving by bus, it’s best to walk, but if you prefer buses, take either 205 or X72 to the final stop Nemocnica sv. Michala.

From the train station From the bus station

If you’re coming from Vienna, both train and coach timetables are available from, e.g. by using this link.

Please avoid coming by car in favour of the environment and limited parking.


Please consider bringing the following items:

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