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[[https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?title=Special:Search&limit=20&offset=20&profile=default&search=debian+bug+squashing+party&searchToken=efgzdwbkbyotjt4yl2v9hee0m|Professional photos uploaded in WikiCommons]]  * [[https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?title=Special:Search&limit=20&offset=20&profile=default&search=debian+bug+squashing+party&searchToken=efgzdwbkbyotjt4yl2v9hee0m|Professional photos uploaded in WikiCommons]]
 * [[https://arianit2.wordpress.com/2018/03/06/debian-bug-squashing-party-in-tirana/|Adrianit Dobroshi]]
 * [[https://elenagjevukaj.github.io/2018/bsp/|Elena Gjevukaj]]


See the announcement: Open Labs Hackerspacewiki page.

When, where?

3 March 2018 Open Labs Hackerspace 09:00 - 16:00

Travel funding


Code of Conduct

We expect all participants to follow this Code of Conduct during the event.


  • BSP Tirana budget:

  • Besfort Guri
  • Bleron Limani
  • Yllka Emini
  • Gentrit Qerimi
  • Arjanit Dobroshi
  • Asked specific budget to attend:

  • Diellza Shabani
  • Amire Gerguri
  • Arbenita Maloku
  • Rina Berisha
  • Erita Haxhiu
  • Enkelena Haxhiu
  • Era Mahmutxhiku
  • Elena Gjevukaj
  • Egzona Recica
  • Kaltrina Statovci
  • Enkelena Haliti
  • Shejza Berisha
  • Albiona Hoti
  • Qendresa Hoti
  • Others:

  • Jona Azizaj
  • Augest Daliu
  • Mariana Balla
  • Redon Skikuli
  • Kristi Progri
  • Kristina Millona
  • Andis Rado
  • Nafie Shehu
  • Dashamir Hoxha
  • Izabela Bakollari
  • Redon Skikuli
  • Anisa Kuci
  • Silvi Kolumcaj
  • Daniel Pocock


Please consider bringing:

  • a laptop and it's power adapter
  • an empty external hard disk (for backing up your laptop if you want to (re-)install Linux)
  • one or two USB sticks (for booting the Linux installation)
  • ethernet cable (in case wifi doesn't work during the Linux installation)
  • if anybody can bring network switches, power distributions strips and extension cables they will be very helpful



We want to provide a lunch during the event. Also refreshments, snacks and fruits.


We will be able to cover accomodation for one night for 5 people coming from Kosovo.



Please register here so we know the skills of attendees, and based on that, select the bugs that we could try to fix


Facebook event : https://www.facebook.com/events/142325166461175/

Coverage during the event:

Useful links

Reports and evaluation


Reports, blog posts, professional photos etc.:


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