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 * GNOME designer Jim Hall's [[http://www.freedos.org/jhall/kieler/|Usability testing in open source software]] at Linux Tage 2017


See the announcement:

When, where?


The event is organised with the support of Debian France.

Logilab and William Bonnet, in addition to Debian gracefully accepted to sponsor it.

Code of Conduct

Attending this event requires reading and respecting our Code of Conduct.

We are committed to providing a friendly, safe and welcoming environment for all, regardless of level of experience, gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, personal appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, age, religion, nationality, or other similar personal characteristic. Our code of conduct sets the standards in terms of behaviour for the whole event, including communication (public and private) before, while and after.

If you feel you have been or are being harassed or made uncomfortable by an attendee, please contact any member of the ?Moderation Team immediately. Whether you are an experienced contributor or a newcomer, we care about making this event a safe space for you.


If you want to attend this event, please read the announcement (in English, in French). It explains how to register :)


Please consider bringing:

  • a computer and its power adapter
  • a power bar



Making the space safe

  • Code of Conduct

    • DONE: jvoisin prints 60 copies of the CoC in both languages and brings it 1st thing on May 13
  • Moderation team
    • We have 4 volunteers already, and agreed on a list of 4 more people we would like to see on this team too.
    • DONE: 4 more agreed
    • DONE: contact info (the moderation team self-organizes whatever contact info they want to provide)
  • DONE: intrigeri announces all this at least once a day


  • DONE: Every organizer who can meets at 5pm on Friday night in front of Mozilla Paris. Then 3-4 of us (jonathan, Solveig, i + geb or intrigeri; backup if Solveig can't: geb or intrigeri) move inside and do everything they can to get to know the space and set it up. The others stay around (outside) in case shopping or more hands are needed. Then we have dinner together and go to bed early.
  • DONE: shopping on Friday
    • 7 external USB keyboards (for the accessibility station)
    • 25 USB sticks we can install Debian or the Debian Installer on: 16GB, rather fast e.g. Kingston ?DataTraveler G4 16Go or Toshiba ?TransMemory U202 16 Go (10€ each at rue Montgallet)

  • DONE: intrigeri ensures that we organize the following on Friday evening:
    • DONE: Door management: Have someone downstairs when we expect the most people to arrive. Then put a phone number for them to call so that we can ask the guard - that will be there all day - to, or go downstairs to let them in.
    • DONE: organize frontdesk
    • DONE: put at the frontdesk the kakemono and flyers from logilab
    • DONE: organize presentation of stations and hosts at the beginning of the event
  • DONE: Check that we don't forget anything that's on Comment organiser un événement technique pour un public hétérogène : une approche globale


We want to provide a lunch on both days. It shall be vegan to simplify handling diverse diet. The attendees table has a column for other diet desires and needs.

  • DONE: provide a list of restaurants for participants that want to have dinner together on Saturday night.


  • DONE: jvoisin is the go-to person regarding the rented flat.


  • Managing travel + accommodation sponsorship requests
    • see #Registration

    • selection criteria = a mix of being part of an under-represented/dominated group; travel cost (because sometimes it's better to bring 2 people rather than 1); relevance to Debian (e.g. specific skills, or highly motivated); how much sponsorship helps attending / is needed
    • Debian France will act as the "Debian Trusted Organization" and will handle reimbursements
    • receive and store requests

    • manage reimbursements
  • DONE: intrigeri prints the logilab job offer poster & display it at frontdesk.

Optimizing for a broader public

(i.e. not only Debian developers)

Reach out to, and properly welcome, people who can contribute to the quality assurance effort, with their pre-existing skills, in other ways than fixing bugs and uploading packages.

Make it real once we're there

There will be people committing to host a station, i.e. holding some physical space dedicated to people with a given set of skills, and making it welcoming and productive.

  • DONE: intrigeri documents the skills needed to attend each station, prints it and displays this information at front desk
    • bug triaging: read and write enough English, install a Debian package
    • graphics and design: HTML/CSS and/or graphics software (such as GIMP, Inkscape, etc.)
    • testing: basic computer (not necessarily Linux) usage
  • DONE: jvoisin is the go-to person for people who need someone to accompany them etc. (e.g. blind people); he relays to us whatever he can't handle alone, and we'll organize shifts or something.
  • ACTION: jonathan coordinates the skills sharing thing


The deadline for registering is now over.

Thanks for your interest but we already received more registrations than the number we can host and will have to refuse some.

Deadline for registering = end of March ⇒ reply wrt. sponsorship and available room by April 7.

See the registration form.


Coverage during the event:

  • micronews.debian.org

    • Whatever is published there, it goes to @debian in Twitter, @debian in identi.ca (Pump.io network), and @debian in quitter.se (GNU social network and Mastodon social network)
    • How to contribute (or just drop by #debian-publicity IRC channel the micronews you'd like to publish, and somebody can do it)

Useful links

Reports and evaluation


Reports, blog posts, photos etc.:

  • Report in two parts: #1 essentially what's on the pad, a bit polished and wrapped up nicely. #2 data analysis & conclusions (see evaluation below) (and possibly #3 email the attendees who were new to Debian & want to contribute to ask if they found how to do so?)

  • TBD: intrigeri drafts #1 until July 23. The pad is locked this week.
  • TBD: isydor leads the review → agreement → publication process
    • First on the wiki, then relayed by intrigeri to Planet Debian and/or (ask boutil) on the official Debian blog. "Write to debian-publicity mailing list when you have an almost ready version, and we can work together the final details"
  • GNOME and Debian usability testing, May 2017

  • GNOME and Debian usability testing, on Jim Hall's blog

  • GNOME designer Jim Hall's Usability testing in open source software at Linux Tage 2017


  • Juliette graphs the stats from the survey attendees have completed

  • TBD: isydor pings juliettte, asks if she can do it by the end of August, and if she can't then one of us can do it. Intrigeri could do it.

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