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(The hackerspace has enough space for nearly 20 people.)



Please link to mails, blog posts, tweets or other promotion done for the event.



Please add links to reports, blog posts, photos etc about the BSP here:



If you are interested please add your name to the list below. Feel free to add yourself even if you're not sure if you will attend.







Axel Beckert



(see LDAP)

at home

might have room for one or two guests

Salvatore Bonaccorso



(see LDAP)

at home

not 100% sure if attendance is possible.

Tomasz Buchert




at home

place for one guest

(The hackerspace has enough space for nearly 20 people.)


  • Easiest way to get there by public transport:
    • Travel to Zurich Main Station ("Zürich HB").
    • Then take Tram 13 in direction "Frankenthal".
    • Get off at "Wipkinger Platz". (That's the stop after the tram crosses a river on a doubledeck bridge.)
    • From there cross the street hillwards towards the bridge head, pass under the upper deck of the bridge just before the bridge head and then follow the bridge head hillwards on its right side.
    • Take the most hillwards entrance (no. 26) of building right of the bridge head.
    • If the door is closed, ring at "CCCZH".
    • Either use stairs or elevators to go up to floor B3.
    • Enter the only hallway on that floor.
    • Enter the last door on the right side.
  • Other nearby public transport stops:
    • Train station "Wipkingen" (about 400m away)
    • Tram stop "Escher-Wyss-Platz" (about 250m away, trams 4 and 17; tram 13 passes there, too, but you can go one stop further with the 13.)
    • Bus stop Rosengartenstrasse (about 100m away; busses 33, 46 and 72)
  • Try to come by public transport or bicycle: Parking slots for cars are rare and parking fines are rather expensive in Zurich (CHF 50).


Food, etc.

  • The hackspace sports an oven, so we could fix ourselves some pizza or so.
  • There's a Coop supermarket in the same building downstairs which is open until 20:00 on Friday and Saturday.

  • There's a organic grocery store "Ultimo Bacio" about 200m away which is open until 23:00 on Friday and Saturday. (Some might call it a "Bio-Spätie". :-)

  • The nearest restaurant is Damas Wipkingen and it's used to hungry hackers coming in herds late in the evening. :-)

  • There are at least Kebab take-aways nearby.


Please consider bringing the following items:

  • computers
  • network cable
  • power adaptors (Switzerland has no "Schuko" sockets)
  • power bars (only if you need many sockets at the same time)

Other Local Events at the Same Weekend

Unfortunately there are some date clashes with other (more or less) local events that weekend:

  • Linux Presentation Day on Saturday: Zurich edition in the same building, just at entrance level

  • Hackerfunk 10th Anniversary Show (Saturday evening; Axel will be away for a few hours)

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