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= BSP in Munich, ?? May, 2016 = = BSP in Munich, 27 May, 2016 =
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May Fri 20th, Sat 21st, Sun 22nd

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Doodle will be due Mon, 2016-03-07 Dudle will be due Mon, 2016-03-07

Even at the end of the week, there were just 6 participants in the poll, voting for the last weekend :-)

BSP in Munich, 27 May, 2016

This is the coordination page for the yearly LiMux BSP in Munich in May 2016. The BSP will again be hosted and sponsored - food-wise - by the City of Munich. It can host up to 30 people.

For questions or further discussions, please write to the Munich mailing list: area-muc@teams.debian.net


May Fri 27th, Sat 28th, Sun 29th

We are planning to start on Friday at 18:00, and on Saturday/Sunday at 10:00, respectively. The BSP will run until the last LiMux-person has to leave in the evening/night (which will be ~2:00 AM).

See also: HostingBSP

The date will be selected based on the Doodle poll from

Dudle will be due Mon, 2016-03-07

Even at the end of the week, there were just 6 participants in the poll, voting for the last weekend :-)

Maximum participants: 30 (without ?LiMux)


LiMux Office
Sonnenstrasse 25
80331 Munich

From Hauptbahnhof (main station) take the U1/U2 to Sendlinger Tor or the U4/U5 to Stachus (Karlsplatz). Follow the Sonnenstraße until you see the green sign of the Goethe Institut. Enter the passage. The entry is on the right-hand side. The LiMux office is in the 5th, 6th and 7th floor of the building; the BSP is on the 5th floor. Doors should be open, but there will be several BSP info sheets with phone contacts and directions.

Notes for car drivers

If you don't have a German car with a positive eco zone registration, you're not allowed to drive in the city center of Munich. Even with a eco zone registration, parking space in the city center is quite hard to get and expensive and often limited to two hours. Christian summarized the parking and park+ride situation in Munich. If you really want to park at the venue and are allowed to drive in the city center (see p+r email), there is a "cheap" (it is cheap compared to other parking facilities), new garage available next to the venue (24 EUR a day); you get the point...


We're stacked with a bunch of different non-alcoholic beverages and snacks (sweets, fruits, ...). Coffee and tea will be prepared on demand.

There will be four sponsored meals (Fri + Sat evening, Sat + Sun lunch), which will be cooked at the venues.

There'll be a continental oriented breakfast for Sat + Sun available; some rolls, bread, hazelnut spread, jams, a bit of cheese and cold meat.

Our kitchen just sports a few hot plates and various pots (2l - 14l). We would be happy to get some dish suggestion. The dishes shouldn't be to complicated / time consuming (e.g. we had Sushi, but just as an appetizer).

There will be vegetarian dishes available.




No agenda - but please add your ideas, if you want to give a talk.


There are many hotels in the vicinity of Hauptbahnhof (main station). There are also several youth hostels around the city. The A&O Hostel Hackerbrücke is about 15 minutes from the city center and is reasonably cheap.

Other options include EuroYouth hostel and CVJM Munich, for a bit more upscale accomodation very close to the venue, there's MotelOne MotelOne in English.


If you are interested please add your name to the lists below.

CS = crash space => place to sleep for free, couch etc.






Needs CS

Has CS

Jan-Marek Glogowski






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