BSP in Portland, OR, December 2012

Information useful for those attending the BSP at Free Geek in Portland, OR on December 16, 2012


  Free Geek
  1731 SE 10th Avenue
  Portland, OR 97214

The event will run from 11am to 6pm on Sunday, Dec 16.

A series of links to resources that may be helpful to those participating


IRC channels are available to use for coordination during the event. Note that there are different channels for the different topics; please use the appropriate channel for your questions

EC2 Instance

To play with your own Debian builder, please grab a slip of paper from the front couch. It will have the public Host name, Username, Password, and SSH host key fingerprints. If there are any problems, please see Steve. These systems have been preconfigured with Debian chroots (see "Information on the build system used today" link above). Have fun!