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|| 1 || Martin Zobel-Helas || Friday Afternoon || Sunday after lunch || Own Laptop, 2 Kids and a Wife || Needed ||

BSP in Hildesheim, December 2011

This BSP will be part of the Wheezy Release BSP Marathon.

Location, Date

  • Hosted at Pengutronix e.K., Peiner Strasse 6-8, D-31134 Hildesheim, Tel. +49 51 21 / 20 69 17 - 0

  • Fri December 2nd till Sun December 4th 2011
  • Main organizer: Meike Reichle, Wolfram Sang, Alexander Reichle-Schmehl
  • Opening hours:
    • Friday: From 14:00
    • Saturday: all day
    • Sunday: Until 18:00


  • The railway station (Hildesheim Hbf) is about 100m away from Pengutronix and easily reachable from Hanover. Use exit "Nord".

  • Airports near Hildesheim:


  • NEVER run dhcpd servers, radvd or similar things in the network. We'll hunt you down and squash you like a bug ;)

  • ipv6 is available.
    • If you have ipv6 addresses from somewhere else on your laptop, make sure you don't create a routing mess :)

Bugs, Targets, Ideals

  • Please check if nobody else is working on a bug before you begin hacking!
  • Make sure you use 'bts claim' to claim bugs you want to work on.
  • An overview of claimed bugs is available on here.

  • Also check the bts.turmzimmer.net for comments on the bug status. Add comments there if you have information to add.

  • Use #debian-bugs on the OFTC Network if more coordination is needed.
  • Please mail debian-admin@lists.debian.org for install requests on debian.org-machines. See http://dsa.debian.org/doc/install-req/ on how the subject of your mail should be formated.

  • Use #debian-release or bugs.d.o (User: release.debian.org@packages.debian.org, Usertag: transition) to coordinate library transitions.

Release-critical bugs:


  • Take care of bugs found by piuparts

  • Help the ipv6 release goal by adding ipv6 support to programs which do not support it yet. There is a list of bugs to work on, but don't hesitate to file new ipv6-related bugs if you find them - and fix them!

  • Fix Bugs related to the Python2.6 transition, which should (hopefully!) start before the BSP.

  • Fix Bugs (1, 2) related to Debian GNU/kFreeBSD. Axel Beckert has root access on the porter machines io and asdfasdf and can install build-dependencies where necessary.

  • Find obsolete and unmaintained packages in unstable and file RoQA removal bugs.
  • Squash everything else you don't like (but let the DDs live)


  • Catering will be provided by the organizers, except Saturday night, when we'll go our for a (self-paid) dinner.



We will be able to host a maximum of 20 participants. Please add yourself to the table below:








Foo Bar

Friday Afternoon

Sunday after lunch

Own Laptop

Needed, camping mat okay


Martin Zobel-Helas

Friday Afternoon

Sunday after lunch

Own Laptop, 2 Kids and a Wife