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|| 4 || Holger Levsen || Friday Afternoon || Sunday after lunch || Own Laptop || Needed, camping mat okay ||

BSP in Hildesheim, December 2011

This BSP will be part of the Wheezy Release BSP Marathon.

Location, Date

  • Hosted at Pengutronix e.K., Peiner Strasse 6-8, D-31134 Hildesheim, Tel. +49 51 21 / 20 69 17 - 0

  • Fri December 2nd till Sun December 4th 2011
  • Main organizer: Meike Reichle, Wolfram Sang, Alexander Reichle-Schmehl
  • Opening hours:
    • Friday: From 14:00
    • Saturday: all day
    • Sunday: Until 18:00


  • The railway station (Hildesheim Hbf) is about 100m away from Pengutronix and easily reachable from Hanover. Use exit "Nord".

  • Airports near Hildesheim:


  • NEVER run dhcpd servers, radvd or similar things in the network. We'll hunt you down and squash you like a bug ;)

  • ipv6 is available.
    • If you have ipv6 addresses from somewhere else on your laptop, make sure you don't create a routing mess :)

Bugs, Targets, Ideals

  • Please check if nobody else is working on a bug before you begin hacking!
  • Make sure you use 'bts claim' to claim bugs you want to work on.
  • An overview of claimed bugs is available on here.

  • Also check the bts.turmzimmer.net for comments on the bug status. Add comments there if you have information to add.

  • Use #debian-bugs on the OFTC Network if more coordination is needed.
  • Please mail debian-admin@lists.debian.org for install requests on debian.org-machines. See http://dsa.debian.org/doc/install-req/ on how the subject of your mail should be formated.

  • Use #debian-release or bugs.d.o (User: release.debian.org@packages.debian.org, Usertag: transition) to coordinate library transitions.

Release-critical bugs:


  • Take care of bugs found by piuparts

  • Help the ipv6 release goal by adding ipv6 support to programs which do not support it yet. There is a list of bugs to work on, but don't hesitate to file new ipv6-related bugs if you find them - and fix them!

  • Fix Bugs related to the Python2.6 transition, which should (hopefully!) start before the BSP.

  • Fix Bugs (1, 2) related to Debian GNU/kFreeBSD. Axel Beckert has root access on the porter machines io and asdfasdf and can install build-dependencies where necessary.

  • Find obsolete and unmaintained packages in unstable and file RoQA removal bugs.
  • Squash everything else you don't like (but let the DDs live)


  • Catering will be provided by the organizers, except Saturday night, when we'll go our for a (self-paid) dinner.



We will be able to host a maximum of 20 participants. Please add yourself to the table below:








Foo Bar

Friday Afternoon

Sunday after lunch

Own Laptop

Needed, camping mat okay


Martin Zobel-Helas

Friday Afternoon

Sunday after lunch

Own Laptop, 2 Kids and a Wife



Joerg Jaspert

Friday Afternoon

Sunday afternoon


Couch @ alphascorpii/tolimar place


Uli Martens

Friday Afternoon

Sunday after lunch

Own Laptop, could bring debian mirror on usb disk

Needed, camping mat okay


Holger Levsen

Friday Afternoon

Sunday after lunch

Own Laptop

Needed, camping mat okay