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= Etch to Lenny Bug Squashing Party, 12/13 January 2008 =
We are going to have a Bug Squashing Party at

Cluster room of the Artificial Intelligence Lab
University of Zürich
Andreasstrasse 15
8050 Zürich
which is [http://map.search.ch/8050-zuerich/andreasstr-15 here]. The nearby station is "Bahnhof Oerlikon".

Getting there is simple: arrive at Bahnhof Oerlikon by train, tram, or bus, then make your way east (away from the city) to the two adjacent train bridges. Under those bridges are Schaffhauserstrasse and the tram 14 rails. Between the two bridges, Andreasstrasse begins. Walk down about 200 metres and get into the large, grey block to your left (you'll see signs for UniZH, HSO, Novo-Nordisk, Atupri, Symantec). Take the stairs right behind the entrance to second floor. The lab is at the far side (north), so you have to cross the bridge. Once in the hallway, walk to your right and duck into the forth door to the right.

I'll be at the location after 9 on Saturday and Sunday. The evenings are flexible and could be spent coding or enjoying the Zurich nightlife. If you have specific ideas, please add them here. Saturday night's dinner is at [http://www.cheyenne-oerlikon.ch/ Cheyenne].

If someone comes from abroad earlier (say Friday evening), contact me to make out some Zurich Sightseeing.

= Sponsors =
madduck, like last time? http://wiki.debian.org/BSP/ch/Marathon

= Infrastructure =
Plenty of space in the room.

Real fast connection directly to {{{}}}ftp.ch.debian.org{{{}}} and the Internet2. Private IP addresses (public ones can be arranged on request, only SSH access though).

A limited number of machines are available for our use.

A separate "lounge" is available for discussions and relaxation.

Facilities (inluding a shower), the station, restaurants and supermarkets are within walking distance.

= Supplies =
Thanks to our sponsors (see above), we can provide food and (non-alcoholic) drinks for all attendees.

= Accomodation =
Fill in your name if you need a place to sleep. Fill in the "staying with" column when you found one. Arrange with your host whether to bring sleeping bag and/or mat.
|| Name || Email || Arrives || Departs || Staying with || Comments ||
|| AurelienJarno || [[MailTo(aurel32@debian.org)]] || Friday afternoon || Sunday afternoon || || ||
|| LucasNussbaum || [[MailTo(lucas@debian.org)]] || Friday afternoon || Sunday afternoon || || not sure yet ||

If you can offer space, please add your name to the list below:
|| Name || Email || Count || Comments ||

= Attendants =
|| Name || Email || Comments ||
|| GürkanSengün || [[MailTo(gurkan@linuks.mine.nu)]] || confirmed ||
|| AurelienJarno || [[MailTo(aurel32@debian.org)]] || ||
||<style="vertical-align: top;">Daniel Harzenmoser ||<style="vertical-align: top;"> [[MailTo(daniel@harzenmoser.com)]] ||<style="vertical-align: top;"> ||
|| LucasNussbaum || [[MailTo(lucas@debian.org)]] || not sure yet, but likely -- covoiturage possible de lyon ||
=== Bugs closed ===
when it's over

=== Pictures ===
to be filled up later