Servers for BOINC Projects

This page is about running your own BOINC project, i.e. you have a particular problem you plan to address with compute power yourself. For running BOINC projects oneself, one needs a server to

  1. present a web site,
  2. distribute applications and workunits
  3. collect and verify results.

The upstream official documentation to create a BOINC project (especially the section on creating a BOINC project) should be a first read and the BOINC mailing lists and message boards will come to your assistance.

The current distribution of BOINC software in Debian has its focus on the client. There is a preliminary package also for the server side offered since late 2010 boinc-server-maker, available via Debian's experimental section. The package however can use some more help to further ease the entry level for creating one's own Debian-based BOINC project. Please consider to contact and join the BOINC developers mailing list with respect to the server package and follow the BOINC/ServerGuide-dedicated page on this Wiki.

There are first preliminary efforts to employ the boinc-server-maker package as a binary dependency to other packages which then implement a complete boinc project. To achieve that, the current (still experimental) approach is to follow the instructions of the BOINC/ServerGuide in the post-install script.





Explicit instructions to get a skeleton of a BOINC project going with the boinc-server-maker package.

Overview on projects using the boinc-server-maker package.

The server guide was seeded through Debian's participation in the 2010 Google Code-in (GCI) and was developed further thanks to the respective Google Summer of Code project in 2011.


This page is intended to help organising the development of the server package, for which also your help for all technical issues and beyond is much appreciated. For a start, this page gathers rather general information about setting up BOINC servers on Debian.

Links to documentation about setting up a BOINC server: