Reference for using the pkg-boinc Subversion repository

Development is coordinated through a Subversion repository. It follows a brief HOWTO for working with this repository. There is also a ?SmallSVNTutorial on this wiki. For a detailed introduction in Subversion have a look at the Version Control with Subversion book.

The svn checkout creates a folder "pkg-boinc" in your current working directory. In there, the folder 'trunk' has all data that is required to mold the upstream code into a Debian package. This is explained along the tool svn-buildpackage further below.

Once you obtained a source tarball run

svn-buildpackage -rfakeroot -uc -us --svn-ignore

in the directory trunk/boinc/ and subsequently inspect the file trunk/boinc/.svn/deb-layout. That file defines origDir, the directory where the .orig.tar.gz files are stored. Adjust this variable and/or move source to the default location, e.g. by:

mkdir tarfiles && mv boinc*orig.tar.gz tarfiles

With the adjusted setting, another run of svn-buildpackage should build BOINC source and binary packages.

For remaining questions send an email to our mailing list.