Ayatana Packages for Debian

The Ayatana Project writes and packages software for Ubuntu. The Ayatana Packagers merge this software into Debian.

Debian QA packages overview page for The Ayatana Packagers

The current status of this effort is tracked under Ayatana/Packages.



pkg-ayatana uses Bzr as VCS, to be able to merge changes back to Ubuntu as easy as possible.

Each package lives in an own bzr repository (pkg-ayatana/package) which usually should contain three branches: upstream, ubuntu and debian.

How to import a new package from Ubuntu to pkg-ayatana?

  1. Create a new bzr repository on Alioth:
    • bzr init-repo bzr+ssh://bzr.debian.org/bzr/pkg-ayatana/package

  2. Create a corresponding local repository:
    • bzr init-repo ~/Debian/pkg-ayatana/package

  3. Create the upstream branch based on the code at launchpad (usually at lp:package):

    • bzr branch lp:package ~/Debian/pkg-ayatana/package/upstream

  4. Push the upstream branch to Alioth:

    • cd ~/Debian/pkg-ayatana/package/upstream && bzr push --remember bzr+ssh://bzr.debian.org/bzr/pkg-ayatana/package/upstream

  5. Create the ubuntu branch based on the code at launchpad (usually at lp:~ubuntu-desktop/package/ubuntu):

    • bzr branch lp:~ubuntu-desktop/package/ubuntu ~/Debian/pkg-ayatana/package/ubuntu

  6. Push the ubuntu branch to Alioth:

    • cd ~/Debian/pkg-ayatana/package/ubuntu && bzr push --remember bzr+ssh://bzr.debian.org/bzr/pkg-ayatana/package/ubuntu

  7. Create the debian branch based on the ubuntu one:

    • bzr branch ~/Debian/pkg-ayatana/package/ubuntu ~/Debian/pkg-ayatana/package/debian

  8. Push the debian branch to Alioth:

    • cd ~/Debian/pkg-ayatana/package/deban && bzr push --remember bzr+ssh://bzr.debian.org/bzr/pkg-ayatana/package/debian

How to update an existing package in pkg-ayatana

  1. FIXME!