Ubuntu Indicators to Ayatana Indicators Transition

Packages that require a Patch and are not yet being worked on

If interested in porting one the package from the below list to Ayatana Indicators, simply move the package name to the W-I-P section and create a status block for it.

Package in Debian with already enabled Indicator Support

Packages in Ubuntu that have Indicator Support enabled, but not so in Debian

Packages in Ubuntu main that need to be ported a.s.a.p.

$ reverse-depends -c main src:libappindicator
* network-manager-gnome         (for libappindicator3-1)
* remmina                       (for libappindicator3-1)
* transmission-gtk              (for libappindicator3-1)
* ubiquity-frontend-gtk         (for gir1.2-appindicator3-0.1)
* update-notifier               (for libappindicator3-1)

W-I-P: Packages that currently get patched

Package: blueman

Package: gpodder

Package: guake-indicator

Package: onboard

Package: ring

Package: telegram-desktop

Package: winswitch

SUBMITTED: Packages with patches sent out to package maintainers

Package: budgie-indicator-applet

Package: mate-polkit

Package: network-manager-applet

Package: variety

TO-BE-REMOVED: Packages that should be rather removed from Debian than patched

Package: libgtk2-appindicator-perl

DONE: Packages that have been switched to Ayatana Indicators

Package: mate-indicator-applet

Package: xfce4-indicator-plugin

Package: remmina