Ubuntu Indicators to Ayatana Indicators Transition

Packages that require a Patch and are not yet being worked on

If interested in porting one the package from the below list to Ayatana Indicators, simply move the package name to the W-I-P section and create a status block for it.

Package in Debian with already enabled Indicator Support

Packages in Ubuntu that have Indicator Support enabled, but not so in Debian

W-I-P: Packages that currently get patched

SUBMITTED: Packages with patches sent out to package maintainers

Package: budgie-indicator-applet

Package: mate-polkit

Package: network-manager-applet

Package: variety

TO-BE-REMOVED: Packages that should be rather removed from Debian than patched

Package: libgtk2-appindicator-perl

DONE: Packages that have been switched to Ayatana Indicators

Package: mate-indicator-applet

Package: xfce4-indicator-plugin

Package: remmina