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Email: [[MailTo(aryll AT SPAMFREE web DOT de)]] Email: <<MailTo(aryll AT SPAMFREE web DOT de)>>
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= Debian User since a long time = === Debian User since a long time ===

Axel Ryll

Email: <aryll AT SPAMFREE web DOT de>

Debian User since a long time

I didn't remember when I start with Linux. I tried several distributions but when I found Debian Linux 2.2 (Potato) it was the first release I remember that I used as a small firewall at home.

I'm German and I have a little bit knowledge in English speaking. I enjoy to translate technical informations to train my knowledge about the English language and learn more about Linux and Debian. I work for an German company and hope to stay one day in the Philippines.

And I hope to give something back to the community and help others to make Linux and especially Debian more successful.