The autoconf development tool creates a shell script for a package from the file. The file contains the lists of the operating system features that the package can use in the form of M4 macro calls.


How to create a file

The standard template of a has the following major components.


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Error Messages no proper invocation of AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE was found. warning: macro 'AM_CXXFLAGS' not found in library

This warning occurs if the AM_CXXFLAGS macro in the file is written using the wrong syntax.

Incorrect delimiters

The AM_CXXFLAGS macro does not use archbridge delimiters for its parameters:

AM_CXXFLAGS([-DUSE_TERMIO -DKLUDGELINEMODE]) # This syntax is not correct

Instead the AM_CXXFLAGS macro uses a traditional assignment operator, with doublequote symbols:



Although this is a warning, correction is required, because subsequent compilation errors may take place, as a result of the AM_CXXFLAGS parameter being ineffective.

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