Instead of having an empty page, let's put some quick information about me here...

I am currently a Debian Maintainer in the New Maintainer process. I maintain 30 packages in Debian.

I am also the Treasurer and a founder member of Debian France who you can reach via email at [].

My interests lie in:

I am very responsive on IRC, both on OFTC and on ?FreeNode. On ?FreeNode, I am known as ag, but that nickname was already taken when I joined OFTC, so I added an hyphen at the end. Thus, on OFTC, I am known as ag-.

The same responsiveness goes via email, you can reach me at [].

On a side note, I am rather picky about the accents on my name, like my grandfather was, because without them it sounds kind of awkward in French. My name is correctly written as Aurélien Gérôme, but it seems accents break hypertext links on MoinMoin, so let's do without them for my MoinMoin username.