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 "Deleted" pages remains available in the page history (goto to the deleted page, like ["dfsg"], then click on ''[[GetText(Get Info)]]''. To put it another way, deleted page are just "hidden". FranklinPiat  "Deleted" pages remains available in the page history (goto to the deleted page, like [[dfsg]], then click on ''<<GetText(Get Info)>>''. To put it another way, deleted page are just "hidden". FranklinPiat
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See [:HelpOnPageCreation#variablesubstitution:here] See [[HelpOnPageCreation#variablesubstitution|here]]
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-- SalokineTerata [[DateTime(2007-10-08T19:59:27Z)]] -- SalokineTerata <<DateTime(2007-10-08T19:59:27Z)>>
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 -- AugustinMa [[DateTime(2007-10-10T09:36:02Z)]]  -- AugustinMa <<DateTime(2007-10-10T09:36:02Z)>>
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-- SalokineTerata [[DateTime(2007-10-10T21:59:37Z)]] (PS: I'm a man ;) ) -- SalokineTerata <<DateTime(2007-10-10T21:59:37Z)>> (PS: I'm a man ;) )

About spam

If you look carefully at the RecentChanges (oct 4th and before), a spammer keeps comming, creating a new account by incrementing a number: caicaimm1 to caicaimm15.

There is no email verification process when registering, which is deterrent to 98% of spam.

Who are the wiki admins?

I have been in this wiki less than 12 hours, and I have already deleted 2 spam pages. Question: where do deleted page go?

  • "Deleted" pages remains available in the page history (goto to the deleted page, like ?dfsg, then click on Get Info. To put it another way, deleted page are just "hidden". FranklinPiat

    • Thank you. Then we have a ?MajorSpamProblem . A. M.

Wiki community

What is the best way to communicate with other people involved in maintaining this wiki? Is there a dedicated mailing list?

I just found ?DiscussionsStarter but it does not seem to be very much used...

Check FranklinPiat 's page which has some policy/templating proposals.

Wiki pages I am interested in

About Wiki syntax

How do we sign/date our discussion posts? Is there the equivalent of the ~~~~ in Wikipedia? I didn't find anything relevant in the markup page.


See here

Bye -- SalokineTerata 2007-10-08 19:59:27

leave a message here

coordinating efforts

Would it be ok for you if I reuse,split,merge "?DebianWikiAdministration" in DebianWiki and the soon to come "Intermediate Editing" pages ? Franklin.

  • It's too early to decide this. I have been trying hard to attract both your attention and that of SalokineTerata about what appears to me as a case of duplication of efforts. When I just arrived, I saw no sign of a healthy community of contributors organizing the whole content. That's why I started ?DebianWikiAdministration that I insisted be placed on an obvious place so that anybody who is interested can find it. Then I saw both Franklin's and Salokine's efforts and I was a bit dismayed at seeing each of you working on your own solution, your own view of what the wiki should look like. Rather than adding my own vision to the mess, I tried to start a healthy discussion here about some common sense conventions to use throughout the wiki: ?DebianWikiConventionsDiscussion . I am very sorry that neither Franklin nor Salokine have replied there. Instead, Franklin posted DebianWiki which incorporates his own (and only his own ideas) and Salokine forges ahead with his (her?) vision of the wiki. Don't get me wrong: I like most of what you do, I like the ideas you propose... but I see conflicting visions and a very regretable lack of coordination.

    I have been wanting to contribute something more constructive to this wiki, but I have been holding back until we can find a common agreement... which has not been forthcoming. I didn't want to add too much of my own vision to the mix before we had taken the time to discuss things together. This is the first step: ?DebianWikiConventionsDiscussion. Salokine claims that the portal_welcome is not meant to replace FrontPage. What is it intended to be, then? He/She didn't reply to my question about it. Come on, guys!!! We are all busy. We all have better things to do. Let's not duplicate efforts to redesign the wiki. Let's agree on some basic conventions, and then we can work together more effectively. What I want is:

    1. an agreement on page/URL naming. This is the first step to be discussed here: ?DebianWikiConventionsDiscussion . We discuss it first. We agree on something which then becomes "official", something that can be implemented throughout the wiki.

    2. rename/move the existing pages, update the links in all pages, even and especially those proposed by Franklin and Salokine according to the above conventions.
    3. decide what is the front page going to look like in the longer term.
    Then things should flow better, because instead of each of use working on our own implementation, we can coordinate our efforts and collectively be more effective. P.S. your signature is useful on this page, too.

    -- AugustinMa 2007-10-10 09:36:02

Hi, I have transfered Portal discussion to ?DebianWikiConventionsDiscussion and answer to the first ideas.

Bye. -- SalokineTerata 2007-10-10 21:59:37 (PS: I'm a man ;) )

  • Ok. Sorry, man! :)


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