About spam

If you look carefully at the RecentChanges (oct 4th and before), a spammer keeps comming, creating a new account by incrementing a number: caicaimm1 to caicaimm15.

There is no email verification process when registering, which is deterrent to 98% of spam.

Who are the wiki admins?

I have been in this wiki less than 12 hours, and I have already deleted 2 spam pages. Question: where do deleted page go?

Wiki community

What is the best way to communicate with other people involved in maintaining this wiki? Is there a dedicated mailing list?

I just found ?DiscussionsStarter but it does not seem to be very much used...

Check FranklinPiat 's page which has some policy/templating proposals.

Wiki pages I am interested in

About Wiki syntax

How do we sign/date our discussion posts? Is there the equivalent of the ~~~~ in Wikipedia? I didn't find anything relevant in the markup page.


See here

Bye -- SalokineTerata 2007-10-08 19:59:27

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coordinating efforts

Would it be ok for you if I reuse,split,merge "?DebianWikiAdministration" in DebianWiki and the soon to come "Intermediate Editing" pages ? Franklin.

Hi, I have transfered Portal discussion to ?DebianWikiConventionsDiscussion and answer to the first ideas.

Bye. -- SalokineTerata 2007-10-10 21:59:37 (PS: I'm a man ;) )


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