Asus PW210


There is no need to describe the TFT monitor part of this device: just chose 1680x1050 as the default display resolution and it works. But this display has also a build in web cam - and this is the reason why it is described here.

Web Cam

The built-in web cam is based on the 5602 chip from ALi. A lsusb shows:

 Bus 007 Device 006: ID 0402:5602 ALi Corp. Video Camera Controller

Not supported / Not working in lenny

Looks, that the current lenny backport kernel (2.6.30) at least knows about the camera device:

 ALi m5602: Probing for a po1030 sensor
 ALi m5602: Probing for a mt9m111 sensor
 ALi m5602: Probing for a s5k4aa sensor
 ALi m5602: Probing for an ov9650 sensor
 ALi m5602: Detected an ov9650 sensor
 usbcore: registered new interface driver ALi m5602
 ALi m5602: registered

But any application (xawtv, cheese, ...) only shows a black picture.