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Just this message to congratulate you for your work on LDAP pages.

Thanks and continue. Bye Salokine


I'm just trying to clean things up because some info is there maybe four times. I think the information should be in the wiki once and not-needed content should be removed. I'm also working on integrating everything LDAP-related under the LDAP topic.

I'm wonderig a bit about the ?LdapDn and ?BaseDN (and similar) topics. Should that kind of info be in the Debian wiki? I feel this wiki should maybe have some pointers to places that explain this better (e.g. Wikipedia) and this wiki should limit itself to Debian-specific stuff.

There is a Dutch saying "schrijven is schappen" (roughly translates as "to write is to take out") and it applies, especially here.



As you suggested, some contents is best suited elsewhere ( Don't hesitate to drop/cleanup those pages.

BTW, Have you considered naming the pages as ?SubPages of "Ldap", like "Ldap/Tools" ?