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 * Setup [http://maemo.org/maemowiki/HowTo_CreateSwap swap] - many apps/compilers take lots of RAM  * Setup [[http://maemo.org/maemowiki/HowTo_CreateSwap|swap]] - many apps/compilers take lots of RAM

Using Nokia 770 as Debian/Arm porting machine

Nokia 770 is a debian-based "internet tablet". The system is resource-constrained, so it has a seriously stripped Debian implementation. One way to use 770 for fully featured Debian development is via a nfs chroot on a host system.

Setting up the chroot

On a host system:

debootstrap --foreign --arch arm sid /var/arm-chroot http://ftp.es.debian.org/debian

Export nfs in /etc/exports on the host computer.


Setup the 770 in r&d mode by running flasher on the host system.

flasher --enable-rd-mode

Boot the 770 and finish the debootstrap (xterm needed on the 770):

$ sudo gainroot
# mount -t nfs -o nolock,rsize=1024,wsize=1024 /nfs
# chroot /nfs /debootstrap/debootstrap --second-stage

TODO: figure out optimal nfs setttings -these are REALLY slow

Have a nice cup of coffee. The second-stage above will take a while, around an hour. So maybe have a lunch as well.

Using the chroot


# chroot /nfs

And then just use it as normal Debian development enviroinment:

# apt-get install build-buildessential
# apt-get build-dep foo
# apt-get source foo
# cd foo-version && dpkg-buildpackage -b

more todo

  • Setup swap - many apps/compilers take lots of RAM

  • direct initfs -> nfs boot to reclaim more memory

  • Figure out why the kernel crashes sometimes with nfs
  • Guide for IT2006 edition (nfs support removed from kernel, need to build more modules)
    • ready-build IT2006 OS debian package to automate the whole setup possible
    • armel support as well
    • sbrsh as well