Watching Arm failures

Information Source:

Arm Hard Float buildd

The list of uninstallable packages can be useful for prioritisation too.

Feel free to:

<armhf AT buildd DOT debian DOT org> TBC

Significant issues

lost packages

Packages are sometimes built, but never uploaded. This is often due to lost mails:

java problems

Java dependencies



gcc4 ICEs

unclassified ICE's

These need proper bugreports generating and filing upstream. Comparing against FSF GCC 4.5 on an unstable system if you can.

Normal issues

BinNMU needed

(packages which have built but didn't build properly for whatever reason (wrong versions of libraries, broken compilers)

builds timing out

These may be due to a genuine problem, or may simply be that the buildd really is taking a very long time (common with building large C++ files and linking a lot of files at once) and would actually complete eventually.

timeout needs increasing

genuine hangs/problems

failed - bugs not yet filed

failed - bugs filed


needs retrying

needs urgent research - regressions

needs research - never worked

buildd problems