Watching Arm failures

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Arm buildd

This list of uninstallable packages can be useful for prioritisation too:

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Significant issues

lost packages

Packages are sometimes built, but never uploaded. This is often due to lost mails:

java problems

We do now have some working java as jikes and sablevm-classlib have built. I'm not sure how much of the backlog that will enable to build. Or if it all actually works properly. Fixing other java tools remains a high priority.

This is our most important bug - please try to fix it ASAP

Setting up gij-4.1 (4.1.1-13) ...
/var/lib/dpkg/info/gij-4.1.postinst: line 20: 19362 Segmentation fault      gcj-dbtool-4.1 -n /var/lib/gcj-4.1/classmap.db
dpkg: error processing gij-4.1 (--configure):

This is preventing all sort of things building. More info can be found at 388505 and upstream:

This needs someone who understands something about java, gcc and arm to fix. This patch (thanx to Dan jacobwitz) improves matters significantly, but it still doesn't seem to work or build properly.

A worked-around was put in gij-4.1 by simply not running gcj-dbtool, but then it pops up in ecj-bootstrap instead. (394396). Another workaround is given in that bugreport, but apparently it just breaks the package.

/usr/bin/ecj -source 1.4 -encoding UTF-8 -warn:-deprecation,serial,unused -proceedOnError -bootclasspath '' -classpath /build/buildd/kaffe-1.1.7/build-tree/kaffe-1.1.7/libraries/javalib/vmspecific:/build/buildd/kaffe-1.1.7/build-tree/kaffe-1.1.7/libraries/javalib/external/classpath:/build/buildd/kaffe-1.1.7/build-tree/kaffe-1.1.7/libraries/javalib/external/classpath/external/w3c_dom:/build/buildd/kaffe-1.1.7/build-tree/kaffe-1.1.7/libraries/javalib/external/classpath/external/sax:/build/buildd/kaffe-1.1.7/build-tree/kaffe-1.1.7/libraries/javalib/external/classpath/external/relaxngDatatype:.: -d . @classes
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org.eclipse.jdt.core.compiler.IProblem
   <<No stacktrace available>>
make[4]: *** [compile-classes] Error 1
make[4]: Leaving directory `/build/buildd/kaffe-1.1.7/build/jthreads/libraries/javalib/external/classpath/lib'

Java dependencies

A lot of java stuff is broken - some due to gij not installing some due to kaffe not building. We need to unbung this logjam. gij4-1 segfaults on setup (See above), but it has been worked around

need gij4.1 fixing:


Mono can only build for v4 or later. see #394418. This seems fair enough. It seems that mono 1.2.1 or patches to earlier versions are needed to make it build.


Curently: (2006-11-06)

quodlibet 0.23.1-1: quodlibet-ext uninstallable - needs python-ctypes from ctypes packages which is not built for arm due to lack of ffi_closure support in gcc. see 397653

gcc4 ICEs

unclassified ICE's

These need proper bugreports generating and filing upstream. Comparing against cvs-snapshot on an unstable system if you can.

Normal issues

BinNMU needed

(packages which have built but didn't build properly for whatever reason (wrong versions of libraries, broken compilers)

builds timing out

These may be due to a genuine problem, or may simply be that the buildd really is taking a very long time (common with building large C++ files and linking a lot of files at once) and would actually complete eventually.

timeout needs increasing

genuine hangs/problems

failed - bugs not yet filed

failed - bugs filed


currently (late nov 2006) 32 of these - mostly waiting on java, which needs attention.

Some others:

needs retrying

The haskell compiler ghc6 wasn't present when all these tried to build. It is now in the archive, so this lot should work.

Wrong dep-wait:

Fucked build daemon (netwinder):

needs urgent research - regressions

needs research - never worked

buildd problems


These packages are not for arch=arm so are not expected to build. They still appear on the buildd status pages as failures.