Hello, I am kfreebsd-amd64, I was born in March 2006.

I hope someday in future I will fullfill criteria for archive qualification.

In mean time, you can take a look how I am doing on buildd.net, some things about my older brother ArchiveQualification/kfreebsd-i386 are valid also for me.

Does the OS build largely without source changes? If so, what proportion of the archive has built?

We actually have two repositories, one called unstable for packages built without source changes, and another called unreleased where packages that need to be patched stay until the patch has been merged by the package maintainer.

As of 2008/07/15:

As 100% is taken 7600 packages (there are 7577 arch any packages, 7906 packages are not arch all). Of course all 4717 arch all packages are also available.