"Atari Running on Any Machine" is a virtual machine for running Atari 32-bit operating systems and applications. Modern versions of aranym, with a proper kernel, make great Debian debugging and buildd platforms for M68k Porting.

home: http://www.aranym.org


I recommend that you dedicate at least 128MB of RAM to aranym. I'm currently using 512MB or 768MB on my buildds.

I also recommend that you run aranym on a multicore cpu. aranym-mmu will happily drive a single cpu core to 100%. (Hint: give each aranym instance it's own core.)

You will probably want at least 2GB of disk space for the operating system. My buildds have 10GB of disk space to handle multiple chroots and failed buildd trees.

Aranym does not require root access to run, except for network configuration, which can be done beforehand (say at boot time).

apt-get install aranym

Execute aranym with...

aranym-mmu -l -c aranym.config