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== See also ==

aptitude is a ["Ncurses"] terminal and CLI (command line interface) -based apt ["frontend"] with a number of useful features, including:

  • a mutt-like syntax for matching packages in a flexible manner
  • mark packages as "automatically installed" or "manually installed" so that packages can be auto-removed when no longer required

  • colorful preview of actions about to be taken
  • dselect-like persistence of user actions
  • the ability to retrieve and display the Debian changelog of most packages
  • ["AptCLI"]-like (= apt-get + apt-cache) command line mode ("aptitude install foo")

aptitude is also Y2K-compliant, non-fattening, naturally cleansing, and housebroken.


  • Type aptitude in a ["terminal"]


After running it, utilize:

  • F10 to access to the menu and use aptitude. This is the main key.
  • ? for help



Home page

See also

[apt.conf] [sources.list]