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apt-move - move cache of Debian packages into a mirror hierarchy. SYNOPSIS

apt-move [-c conffile] [-ft] command DESCRIPTION

apt-move is use to move files from an apt-get cache (which is stored by default in /var/cache/apt) into partial mirror of the Debian archive. It will place the packages in the mirror directory specified in the configuration file /etc/apt-move.conf, and optionally delete any obsolete files in the mirror.

I won't repeat the man page here (say man apt-move on any system with apt-move installed), but below is a sample configuration file.

    #  Configuration file for the apt-move script.
    #  You should modify the following configuration to suit your system.
    #  See the apt-move(8) manpage for information about these settings.
    #  The defaults for this file are simply the settings I currently use.
    # Configuration for apt-move script --------------------------------------
    # The sites in ``/etc/apt/sources.list'' that you wish to mirror.
    # The absolute path to your debian directory (top of your local mirror).
    # This MUST appear as the first entry of your sources.list if you use
    # sync or mirror.
    # The default distribution (see the apt-move(8) manpage for details) 
    # The package types you want to mirror. 
    # Possible values are: binary, source, and both (use only one).
    # The full (absolute) path to your local cache of package files. The default
    # will work for the apt-get packages, unless you've reconfigured apt.
    # The full (absolute) path to your local cache of Packages files.  The
    # default will work for the apt-get Packages, unless you've reconfigured apt.
    # Do you want apt-move to delete obsolete files from your mirror? (yes/no)
    # Maximum percentage of files to delete during a normal run.
    # Set this to yes if you wish to keep the originals for move/movefile.
    # Set this to 'none gzip' to get uncompressed Packages/Sources files.
    PKGCOMP='none gzip'
    # Set this to yes to make apt-move generate Contents files.
    # End Configuration 

Note that this configuration is changed from the default in only one place: DELETE has been set to yes. If you want to change the location of the mirror (destination directory), change LOCALDIR to the desired location.