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 * DebianPts:pidgin

This page tracks progress of adding AppArmor profiles to Debian.

In progress

Profiles being worked on

Pending maintainer upload

Pending upload of apparmor-profiles-extra

Wishlist bug filed

See the bugs tagged "new-profile".

To be done

  • Supported profiles in Ubuntu main => import into apparmor-profiles-extra, unless the respective maintainers want to take it into their package. Maybe start with the high-profile services like Apache, OpenLDAP, ClamAV and Bind.

  • iceweasel => adapt Ubuntu's Firefox profile, or start over from intrigeri's current iceweasel profile

  • isc-dhcp-client => profile needs to be loaded before the network is up => see systemd item below

  • ntp, rsyslog => profile needs to be loaded before the service is started => see systemd item below

  • libvirt => libvirt 1.2.1-1 is built with AppArmor support (725144), but more work is probably needed. Felix Geyer volunteered to maintain the profiles.

  • Help get more profiles into good shape, so that they can be integrated upstream or into apparmor-profiles-extra. The Ubuntu security team roadmap tells a bit about their priority, and the current status of profiles under development.

  • Integrate with systemd by: waiting for systemd v210+, which has a ?ApparmorProfile= option, or ship upstart's /lib/init/apparmor-profile-load as an apparmor helper script and call it in systemd's ?ExecPreStart=

Done (for Jessie, at least)

Included in the corresponding package

Included in the apparmor-profiles package

The Community supported profiles are included in the apparmor-profiles package in complain mode.