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This page tracks progress of adding AppArmor profiles to Debian.


For Stretch, we'd like more enforced profiles; specifically (in decreasing order of priority):

  1. some of the Usual Suspects™ on the Desktop, e.g. isc-dhcp-client, Pidgin;
  2. some software that is particularly important in the context of Tails and other privacy-sensitive contexts: Tor;
  3. some low-hanging fruits from Ubuntu's Supported profiles in main list: apache2, libvirt, ntp...

The general workflow wrt. profiles is to find existing profiles, test them in the context of Debian sid, adapt them if needed, and either include them into apparmor-profiles-extra, or propose them to Debian package maintainers.

At some point, it would be great to share the profiles maintenance e.g. with Ubuntu.

In progress

Profiles being worked on

Pending maintainer upload

Pending upload of apparmor-profiles-extra

Wishlist bug filed

To be done

Done (for Buster, at least)

Included in the corresponding package

Note: this list is partial and somewhat outdated, i.e. the actual situation is better :)

Included in the apparmor-profiles package

The Community supported profiles are included in the apparmor-profiles package in complain mode.

Included in the apparmor-profiles-extra package

See the current list of profiles in Git.

OutreachProgram Round 9

See AppArmor/OutReachyRound9.