This page tracks progress of adding AppArmor profiles to Debian.


In progress

Profiles being worked on

Pending maintainer upload

Pending upload of apparmor-profiles-extra

Wishlist bug filed

To be done

Done (for Buster, at least)

Enabling AppArmor by default

Since Debian 10 (Buster), AppArmor is enabled by default.

For historical information, see:

Included in the corresponding package

Note: this list is partial and somewhat outdated, i.e. the actual situation is better :)

Included in the apparmor-profiles package

The Community supported profiles are included in the apparmor-profiles package in complain mode.

Included in the apparmor-profiles-extra package

See the current list of profiles in Git.

OutreachProgram Round 9

See AppArmor/OutReachyRound9.