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 * [[https://udd.debian.org/bugs.cgi?release=jessie&merged=ign&fnewerval=7&flastmodval=7&aa-profiles=1&sortby=id&sorto=asc|Bugs in the packages we maintain]]


Interacting with the team

Current status

Next goals

For Jessie, we'd like more enforced profiles; specifically (in decreasing order of priority):

  1. some of the Usual Suspects™ on the Desktop: evince, iceweasel, isc-dhcp-client, pidgin;
  2. some software that is particularly important in the context of Tails and other privacy-sensitive contexts: Tor, Vidalia;
  3. some low-hanging fruits from Ubuntu's Supported profiles in main list: apache2, libvirt, ntp...

The general workflow wrt. profiles is to find existing profiles, test them in the context of Debian sid, adapt them if needed, and either include them into apparmor-profiles-extra, or propose them to Debian package maintainers.

At some point, it would be great to share the profiles maintenance e.g. with Ubuntu.

How to help

  • Test: ?enable AppArmor, enforce a bunch of profiles, report bugs and/or happiness.

  • Fix bugs tagged "new-profile".

  • Fix bugs in the apparmor source package.

  • Import profiles from Ubuntu: get the latest version, test, prepare Debian patch against apparmor-profiles-extra, submit patch to the BTS.

  • Documentation: write documentation about the user side of things.

  • Convince Ubuntu to upstream their AppArmor profiles to Debian.

  • Organize by keeping the progress tracking page up-to-date.