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 * [[AppArmor/Contribute/ImportProfileFromUpstream | Import a profile from upstream]]
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 * [[AppArmor/Contribute/PackageMaintainers | Learn how to package using dh_apparmor]], ie. if your upstream provides an !AppArmor profile for the packaged software  * [[AppArmor/Contribute/FirstTimeProfileImport | Import a profile to a package for the first time]], that is learn how to package using dh_apparmor

This page explains how to contribute to AppArmor in Debian.


Interacting with the team

Current status

How to participate

Ship an AppArmor profile in "your" package

Improve quality of AppArmor profiles

Use AppArmor

Enable AppArmor, enforce a bunch of profiles, test and report and triage bugs and/or happiness.

Upstream Debian changes to AppArmor profiles

We want to keep our delta with upstream as low as possible. That is why we encourage you to patch profiles upstream: Contribute to Upstream.

Create new profiles

We want to keep our delta with upstream as low as possible. If you want to submit a new profile, this should be done upstream first. Create or patch profiles: Contribute to Upstream.

Import Upstream changes to Debian

Update profiles shipped in apparmor-profiles-extra to the latest upstream version

Debug, report triage and fix bugs



In order to organize the Debian Wiki documentation about AppArmor, we have set up a set of user stories.