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This page explains how to update an AppArmor profile shipped in apparmor-profiles-extra with a newer upstream version.

In short: get the latest version from upstream, test, prepare a Debian patch against apparmor-profiles-extra, submit patch to the BTS or push a Git branch to collab-maint.

Upstream repositories

Find out more about upstream repositories.

Merge a profile from upstream

Merging a profile update from upstream into the apparmor-profiles-extra Debian package is fairly easy: it only requires basic Git usage skills.

Fork ( and follow the instructions to clone your brand new fork.

Go into the apparmor-profiles-extra folder and create a new working branch:

git checkout -b workingtitle

Get the latest version of profiles from upstream. Profiles live in the profiles sub-directory. Some helper scripts in debian/scripts/ can be helpful.

Test the updated profile.

Update the information about the profile you are updating, in debian/README.Debian.

Then, one could either push the branch:

git commit -a
git push -u origin workingtitle

… and either create a merge request or submit a patch to the Debian Bug Tracking System against the apparmor-profiles-extra package.

Inform the team

When creating a new profile, we encourage you to report a bug with the usertag merge-from-upstream to the Debian BTS in order to inform the Debian AppArmor Packaging Team.

Equally, do not hesitate to provide a patch for the bug. You should then also tag the bug with the tag patch.

Find out more about usertags on the AppArmor/Reportbug page.