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First time profile import

First you should verify if the profile is included in apparmor-profiles-extra.

If you want to ship an existing AppArmor profile confining software S in the Debian package that ships S you'll need to do a first time import of this profile to the package. One would do that using dh_apparmor.

Package using dh_apparmor

dh_apparmor provides the debhelper tools used to install/migrate/remove AppArmor profiles. It also reloads the specified AppArmor profile in postinst using:

apparmor_parser -r -W -T /etc/apparmor.d/<profilename>

By using '-W -T' we ensure that any abstraction updates are also pulled in.


In order to use it, you will first need to add a Build-Dependency on dh-apparmor in debian/control:

Build-Depends: dh-apparmor

When including AppArmor profiles in a package, you might want to add  Suggests: apparmor to debian/control.

There are cases when included profiles can't be parsed with older versions of apparmor_parser, and then if AppArmor is enabled, the apparmor service will fail to start due to a parsing error. The best way to make this breakage explicit would be:

 Breaks: apparmor (<< $REQUIRED_VERSION) 

Installing the profiles

In debian/rules you will need install the AppArmor profiles to /etc/apparmor.d/, then run dh_apparmor on them.

Packages that have multiple binary packages need the '-p<package name>' parameter for dh_apparmor, otherwise dh_apparmor will add AppArmor reload commands for all packages rather than just the one that ships the profile.


Example from the vidalia package:

cp debian/apparmor-profile debian/vidalia/etc/apparmor.d/usr.bin.vidalia
dh_apparmor --profile-name=usr.bin.vidalia -pvidalia

Example from the torbrowser-launcher package :

    for PROFILE in usr.bin.torbrowser-launcher torbrowser.Tor.tor torbrowser.start-tor-browser torbrowser.Browser.firefox ; do \ 
        cp apparmor/$$PROFILE debian/torbrowser-launcher/etc/apparmor.d/ ; \
        dh_apparmor --profile-name=$$PROFILE -ptorbrowser-launcher ; \


Then, you'll need to test and debug.