*Name - Anurag

*Contact- coolanuragdzxj@gmail.com

*Background-I am a CSE student at New horizon College of Engineering,Bangalore,India. Currently I am in first of my BE Degree .I already know c,c++,Java and Android API's . I am currently working on an Android App of mine and it is in development stage . Its basically a file manager app that can perform app backup task also. I have used Fragment activity,Intents,List Activity and third party android Libraries in my project.This app can run from android 1.6 to 4.1.2 android version.You can test my app from the following URL https://hotfile.com/dl/203815033/a97fae9/Quest_Manager.apk.html . For best results a device with 4 inch or larger screen as I have targeted these devices only. I am a great fan of open source OS and I will be making my open source when its complete.

*Project Title-Debian Android Application

*Synopsis- The final outcome of this project is gonna to be Ultimate Debian Android Application built on Debian provided API's.

*Project Details-Debian Developers utilize many online resources on a daily basis in order to properly maintain their packages. Some of these tools include the PTS, BTS, UDD as well as Debian rss feeds(official and not). It would be nice to have all of this information readily available on a phone/tablet via an android application. This application will be using pre-existing Debian API to fetch,parse and display all the information in a List View or Grid View or Simple Activity or Fragments as wished by the debian programmer.

*Debian App Extension- Along with this same app ,I wish to add a developer console ,which will allow debian programers to login with theri wiki username and password ,there they can share their ideas ,problems or answer to others.In this fashion most of the debian developers will be in contact through this app.The developer console will have the info about expert area of that particular logged developer ,so it will giving notification to developer about happenings and latest trend of his expert area.

*Benefits To Debian-This will help the developers to resolve their bugs as soon as possible.It will encourage the debian community to develop more apps on android for debian os.This app will attract new developers to debian as they will be getting support to develop for debian through their android smartphones.

*Distribution Of App-This app will be definately add free and free of cost .I hope that this app will be falling in open source category. This app will be available at play store ,official debian website or through any other debian software.

*Working Strategy - 1 From May to June 10 I will be gathering and Strengthening my knowledge about existing Debian API.And within the same period of time I can create The UI for the app. 2 From June 11 to June 30 I will be working to Integrate Endless Adapter Library With Debian API which will helpful in displaying infinite number of list items in View . 3 From July to August 20 I will be constructing functions based on handlers , ?AsyncTask , ?BroadCastReceivers , Services,etc so that resource consumption by app is low. I will try to make the UI more responsive. 4 From August 16 to August 30 I will be integrating all the modules together. 5From September 1 to September 6 I will testing this app on various environments and devices. 6From September 6 to September 12 Finalizing the documents and codes.

Exams and other commitments : No, I have no exams nor vacation plans.

Why Debian? As I mention above I am a great fan of Linux os and I am using it from a long time .I was looking for a chance to work with an open source community and I am current working on my android app ,so debian is my choice as it is open source and offering me to work with them.

I havent applied for any other projects.

*My Wish After the GSOC ends I would like to continue to work on this project for long term prospective.I would also like to contribute on some other projects for any open source community